Migration, Human Rights The Right to Family Unification for Refugees

March 8, 2023
By Eilidh Beaton | Social Theory and Practice

PWH Postdoctoral Fellow Eilidh Beaton has published a paper in Social Theory and Practice, making the case for stronger family unification rights for refugees.

A handful of scholars have offered explanations for why states with otherwise restrictive immigration laws should relax their demands for people applying to immigrate for family reasons. However, much less has been said about the family unification rights of refugees. This paper extends the existing discussion on family- based immigration to refugees, arguing that: (1) states have stronger duties to reunite refugee families; (2) some refugees should be entitled to reunite with their "extended" family; (3) refugee family reunion should not be subject to financial conditions; and (4) the right to family reunion is especially strong for refugee children.

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