International Law, Space United Nations and NASA officials discuss the space age at Perry World House event

March 28, 2022
By Yamin Phyu Phyu | The Daily Pennsylvanian

Perry World House held a virtual event featuring United Nations and NASA officials to discuss the emerging space age and associated challenges for policymakers worldwide.

Former administrator of NASA Sean O’Keefe and United Nations Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu spoke at the program — part of a multi-year project through Perry World House addressing space domain and policy.

Nakamitsu and O’Keefe’s event — which took place on March 21 — focused on three main aspects of the space age: space debris, space technology and development, and power competition in space.

“I think the current space issues are complex, as it is hard to create norms and agreements for the countries to cooperate. These agreements exist because they are not binding and that there are no particular punishments,” Global Order Program Manager at Perry World House Thomas J. Shattuck said.

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