Watch Now: Changing Tides? The Far-Right Appeal in Latin America and Beyond

November 15, 2023
By Perry World House

As in much of the world, Latin American political systems are polarized. The 21st century saw the rise of leftist governments and state-led policies in several countries, only to be followed by right wing administrations that swung the pendulum of economic and social policies back towards free markets, resulting in massive popular protests in some cases. The end of the commodities boom, the pandemic debt, growing income inequality, increasing crime, inflation and other economic woes, are now fueling the rise of an extreme far right that shows disdain for democratic political institutions and challenges, among others, the rights of women, Indigenous and Afro-descendant populations, and environmental conservation.

Join our experts as they discuss these critical issues in light of the presidential elections in Argentina and the constitutional reform process in Chile and comparatively assess the state of democracy in the region.

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