Asia-Pacific, China, Power & Security Five things to know about the Taiwan-China conflict

August 8, 2022
By Kristina García | Penn Today

Military drones and live fire drills are just one part of the latest conflict between Taiwan and China, which claims the island under its “One China Principle.” The drills, which began on Aug. 4 after Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s departure from Taipei, continued for an additional 72 hours through Aug. 7. Additionally, China has arrested a Taiwanese activist, sent ships and aircraft to the Taiwan Strait, and imposed new import/export bans. China also announced sanctions against Pelosi and her family, canceled eight bilateral talks and meetings with the United States, and announced that it would now conduct regular drills in the area.

Penn Today spoke with Thomas J. Shattuck, the Global Order Program Manager at Perry World House, to find out more about the conflict. In addition to numerous visits, Shattuck has spent three years living in Taiwan, first on a Fulbright English Teaching grant and later earning a master’s degree in international studies from the National Chengchi University in Taipei.

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