2020 Graduate Winner Anthony Gokianluy

2020 Penn Global Graduate Student Citizenship Award Winner

During his two years as a Wharton MBA student, Anthony Gokianluy has been a tireless advocate for cultural diversity and international student integration on Penn’s campus. As the Vice President for International of the Wharton Graduate Association and a leader of Wharton’s Southeast Asia Club, Anthony spearheaded Wharton’s involvement in the annual International Week, coordinating over 25 events that brought hundreds of students together to celebrate global citizenship. He has acted as a mentor to new international students, delivered personal finance workshops, and partnered with International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to help students understand the resources available to them. Anthony also led a group of students to his home country of the Philippines to help them gain a firsthand understanding of the country’s culture and history.

Anthony’s devotion to international student success and his business acumen led him to found GoFurther Careers, a startup that offers mentorship and application preparation services to aspiring professionals in the finance industry, with a special focus on international students. As GoFurther’s CEO, he increased the platform’s subscriber count from 1,000 to 6,000 in three months and expanded its global footprint to over 10 countries.

“Again, and again, Anthony has given both his time and talents to open up the campus and light a path for international students at the University of Pennsylvania,” says Ben Onukwube (Wharton MBA ’20), EVP of Student Leadership and Engagement at the Wharton Graduate Association.

During his final semester at Penn, Anthony has partnered with Penn student leaders and with ISSS to combat and create a dialogue around xenophobia in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.